Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A lender is a lender.........

Many people get on line and start typing away to get approved for a mortgage loan with a computer screen.  Even in today's world of high tech, a computer screen is not the place to go.  You need a lender who does not refer to you by a number but with your name.  You want somebody who knows exactly the home you are buying and can actually drive to your soon to be home with no problem.   You need a real person.

We always recommend such a person to our clients when they ask.  Meet Jennifer:

Jennifer Guidry
NMLS #323935
Branch Manager
Senior Mortgage Consultant
210-838-3310 mobile
210-491-2502 direct

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is your Vacation window still open?
We took a well deserved trip to the New England area and had a great time.  As is usually the case, we take trips going that way while people from over there are headed this way.  If you have some vacation time coming up, perhaps San Antonio, Texas is the place to visit.  Take a look and maybe you'll agree: